Friday, February 12, 2010

So, in 311 it's food week, AKA shot awesome pretty food. I came down to stay with my boyfriend kevin for the weekend, and i know this amazing bakery right down the street from him, so it was perfect! I slept in, which was amazing, and then walked to the bakery to get an iced vanilla latte, cream cheese puff pastry ( so good it should be illegal) and a fruit cream tart in a chocolate heart. I have no lighting equipment whatsoever, but kevin has beautiful window light in his rom about 1pm. So i set up the cute little tart thing on a black reflective plate and started shooting with my 100mm macro lens. I really like how the came out! Super simple but nice ( in my opinion).

So let me know what you think and which one you like better!!

ps. the color might be a little off, but will be fixed!



  1. I like the first one. Graphically it makes more sense to me. I like seeing the curving lines of the plate. the second is just a little to close for me and the apple is merging into the white B/G. That might be because of the small file or my computer screen but their tonalities are very similar either way.
    looks tasty!