Friday, July 23, 2010

Over summer break I went to Maine and ate a lot of delicious Lobster. mm I could go for a lobster roll right about now...

Hello blog readers,

I havent been on this in a while. A lot of new stuff has been happening. I got an commercial/theatrical agent Called The Daily Talent. I have been going on a ton of auditions, this coming wednesday I actually have an audition for the Soap Opera Days of Our Lives haha. It would be awesome to start out that way, even if only grandmothers and people in hospitals watch it ;-)

I also have been going to the acting school called Stella Adler. It is by far the most amazing school i have ever been to. It is like one big working multi ethnic family! All of my teachers have been so friendly and kind and helpful and i have learned so much in a short amount of time.

I am still living with kevo. It is so nice living with your boyfriend. We both have such busy days that when we come home we just lay in bed for 20 minutes and talk about our day. Its our ritual :)

Right now we are makingbake half chicken with some yummy seasonings on it and corn and quinoa salad. Once that's out of the oven we will be putting in banana walnut bread!

In my acting class our teacher has given us some pretty cool exercises. For example, try not to use the word "um" "uh" "ah" when speaking. It is just a meaningless word that people use when they are thinking. But when you pause, it is so much more enticing and interesting!

Another is to shower in pitch black or blindfolded. and see how it mkaes you feel. When I did it i noticed that I felt very vulnerable. My body went from my normal shoulders back head level position to bent over. That is an action from the feeling I got. My hearing also got more sensitive because my sense of sight was gone. It may seem uninteresting to some of you so don't mind my ramblings! I just find it very cool :)

cheers xo