Thursday, March 11, 2010

So... A LOT has changed in the past two weeks. It's like my life has completely flipped over. It's a scary feeling and it's an amazing feeling. In the past 5 days I have been on numerous amounts of casting calls. Just today I tried out to be the lead actress in a really cool Hollywood student film. I was an extra in a Feature film, met two producers and casting agents that loved me ( crazy i know) and said to keep in touch and they'll let me know what upcoming projects they have in store for me. In just modeling alone I've made $1,000 in pretty much a week. it's all insane. I took the session off from Brooks so i could focus on my acting and modeling to see what i wanted to do with it and its only the first week and sparks are flying. It feels like i held my breath for so long and all of a sudden I let it out. I did an improv audition and it was SO fun. I walked out of the audition room happier than ever, not even thinking if ill get the role or not. My goal is by this time next year to land a major role in an indie film or a supporting role in a blockbuster film. ( I think i can i thank i can!!)
As for Brooks, everything is still in the air. I love school and I love the people there, so many amazing creative unique people, but acting... it makes me feel more alive than ever. So.. We'll see!



  1. I have one piece of advice. When you are at your auditions and the pressure is on, think about this. It works every time. It is called '' smell the fart acting"
    here is an example
    have fun!

  2. hahahah that is SO awesome haha thank you!!